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I have cruise Alaska multiple times and I will be doing so again in 2003. I have cruised both directions and for me if I am only going one direction I will always sail Northboud unless I am doing a land package.

My reasons are the scenery gets more beautiful as you go north. If you started in the north and went south even though the scenery is beautiful it will get less beautiful as you go south.

Good reasons for going southbound would be if you did a land package firts than can be tiring and the cruise would relax you afterwards. I have always found southbound cheaper in price because it does not fill up the ships as easily as northbound.

As far as seeing glaciers when Princess goes into the fjords to watch glaciers they sit and turn the ship so both sides of the ship have time to view the glaciers if you have a balcony.

As far as fishing yes there is fishing in all the ports but as Sue said if you want to keep the fish it would have to be shipped home when sailing Princess.

Alaska is well worth cruising. I hope you find one you enjoy. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]