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I find the comment about rude and pushy people to be funny because before I left for my first European trip..I read some reviews stating the same..I was concerned before my vacation and to very much my surprise I found everyone, mostly be very nice and friendly. I actually made friends on board from different countries that I still keep in touch with. It is clearly ones own fault and thier TA for not doing their homework regarding any trip. I always ask where my room is and make sure ahead of time it is located in an area to my liking. If the ship is crowded and I have no thankful your on. Also with a European cruise could only expect that announcements would be in different languages. Why would one think only
American should only be spoken. The solution here is to travel local..As far as is not a surprise or a secret that the European culture enjoys their smokes. As I have said is the individual person..their acceptance of others and own personality to whether they enjoy themselves. I personnally cannot wait to go back and meet more people of different cultures and happen to love hearing the announcments(my kids try to compare languages). Going on the Fortuna soon by the way and this time I am not concerned.