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My hubby thinks I'm crazy, I do the same things. I put my change at the end of the week into my piggy bank. I round up my purchases in my checking account. I try to pay myself each pay check (when I'm not hit with too many doctor co-pays). I use coupons at the grocery store and only buy items on sale. I love buy one get one sales. I pick up any change I find on the ground. Each pay check I don't include the dollars and cents amount in my check book. This covers my checking fees. I get free checks, but they charge $7/month for fees. It's a local bank or I'd change banks. I save that much in gas by having a branch less than 2 miles from the house. I take my lunch to work daily. Even if you purchase fast food, you save at least $5/day. I need to have a garage sale soon, that will help the fund.