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Originally posted by peter l:
You say accommodating, how were the selections, etc? I hear of more people that are gluten intolerant and may be interested in options.

My wife is not only gluten free, but also egg free, dairy free, wheat free, and cannot process fiber. So for her, the selection of food is usually plain chicken and a baked potato. But RCI had a very good selection. They had hot fresh Gluten free bread every night, pancakes at breakfast, and special deserts. She didn't try the desert because it contained dairy, and it was the wait staff who realized this BEFORE it came out to us. We did eat at the windjammer for lunch one day because the main dining room was closed. Our head waiter had sent a special request and the meal was waiting for us when we got there! We were only on a 3 night cruise, so there weren't as many meals, but there was always the option of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, salads, etc. We never felt like they were trying to accommodate a "special diet", rather they made us feel like they truly cared and were really looking out for us in what was served to us. Some people (my wife included) are VERY sensitive to Gluten, and cross contamination from a carving knife can make them severely ill. RCI and their staff went out of their way to make our trip a safe and healthy one!
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