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Lisa, This Positano thing has long been an issue with me because we feel that the cruise lines often mislead passengers with their description of Amalfi Coast tours. Positano is a town in a spectacular setting and also has some very nice shops, restaurants and cafes. But, there is only a single road (it is one-way) that snakes through the town (the entrance and exits are nearly a mile apart). Because the road is narrow and can get very congested, the government does not permit any buses to enter that road other than the local buses (Orange buses) and some SITA buses. All tour buses can only drive or park along the Amalfi Drive which is above the town. Theoretically, passengers could walk down into the town (if they had enough time) or use the local Orange buses, but the reality is that they are not given enough time (they would need at least 2 hours). So, the buses stop at some viewing areas along the Amalfi Coast and usually allow the passengers to exit the bus so they can take pictures. To me, this is similar to a to that lets you see New York City from the Jersey side and advertises that the tour will "let you see NYC." We first noticed these new "Exclusive Tours" about 2 years ago on Princess cruises. They are very expensive, but since they use vans they can enter Positano and other places not accessible to buses. But, the pricing of these tours seems to border on the outrageous. There is a way to do the Amalfi Coast on your own by using the train from Naples to Sorrento and than the regional SITA bus line that runs from Sorrento along the Amalfi Coast to Amalfi. But, this is a bit scary for many novice travelers.