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Hi all,
I'm so glad I found this site.

I'm getting married in May and unfortunately my future in-laws have messed up my original planned honeymoon trip. I wouldn't go into details but in the end I'm forced to spend a lot of time and my precious vacation days with the "family" instead and not with my newly wedded wife.

We hope after they've gone home we can finally have sometime to ourselves onboard a cruise. We're in our 30s and not "party" people, so an Alaskan cruise seems perfect to have some quality time.

I've done some research on this site and others and it seems Princess is highly regarded. My now-fiancee was on the Mercury with Celebrity abt 2 yrs ago doing a round-trip Alaskan trip from Vancouver. After reading a few reviews on the Mercury (mostly abt how that ship has aged, people are bored to death onboard, food is bland etc.) my preference is doing a cruise with Princess from Whittier to Vancover. (Likely to be on the Coral Princess)

Someone is wise to mention something about how there is no bad cabin on a Princess ship, is it still true?

I'm trying to make this trip our best ever (afterall it's suppose to be our honeymoon). I know a lot of things are beyond my control so hopefully all of you compassionate seasoned cruisers can point me to the right direction while I outined my plan...

I planned to fly us from Toronto, Ontario to Anchorage, AK, and take the Alaskan Railroad to Whittier. I read somewhere on this website that this is a better option compare to taking the transfer from the airport with Princess on a coach and dealing with the tunnel. Apparently the view on the train is so much better, but I'm wondering about the hassle from going to the station from the airport and getting to the ship from the train.

I hope to book us a room with balcony. Is there a difference, in terms of view, between rooms on the port side and starboard side?

The ship sets sail at 8pm and I read someone complained that their luggage didn't arrive until 9pm. Obviously one would check-in much earlier that 8pm so that might mean a number of hours w/o a change of clothes. Has any one of you experienced such a delay?

I'm very interested in signing up several off-shore excursions, but being in Alaska I'm worried about weather...thus is it more prudent to sign up for the excursion on the day of (compared to advance booking) to confirm weather outlook?

Is there a better month than others to take an Alaskan cruise? (e.g. Is June better than September in terms of likelihood of fog, rain etc?)

That's it for now...
Thanks so much in advance, and I promise a review when I've concluded the review.
Happy Cruising!