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I think most of the fan people want them for the background noise and not the air movement.

Funny thing about the Sun Princess - well, not really funny since it drove us crazy - but we also had an inside cabin on the Sun P back in 1997, immediately behind the bridge. Our first night at sea and the water got a little choppy, and this hellish metallic grating noise started. It was as though they had failed to put rubber grommets between the cabin walls and they were scraping together as the ship flexed. It was beyond description. Think of fingernails on the chalk board, only going through a McIntosh 2000 watt power amp and a set of Klipschorns. Full ship - they were filming "Love Boat, Next Wave" on our sailing. Thankfully the seas calmed down by day 3 and the noise subsided. I don't think a fan would have helped us. The ability to totally shut off our hearing was the only remedy. My hearing is the one thing I have which is near perfect - even at 54.