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I'll be leaving for my cruise on the 12th of August, and can't wait. My wife and I will be completing our Crown & Anchor membership documents while on board, but I realize that the "credits" for this cruise won't be applied to that membership until this (our first RCCL) cruise is complete. The general idea, from what I understand, is an exclusive membership for prior guests of RCCL. Friends that we're going with have been on two previous RCCL cruises, and I'll let you know what I see as a difference between their ammenities relative to ours. I'm guessing that other than special offers for discounts on future cruises, there may be a few onboard discounts as well... but on cruises booked afteryour virgin RCCL cruise andenrollment into the C&A Society. I'll let you know what I find out.

However, I'm still trying to figure out what "DH" means from your initial post, SmileyGirl... I'm puzzled!

Less than 14 days from now, the limo picks us up for our drive to the airport! I think the kids are equally psyched about the limo as they are about the cruise!