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We have booked a cabin guarantee twice. Both times were at the recommendation of our TA. Also both times were within a month of our cruise so there was nothing else available. The first was an outside guarantee, the ship did not have any balconies. We got a room on the main deck (barely about the water line) with a small port hole. The second time was a balcony guarantee. We end up with a room with four berth beds. These beds are attached to the wall and can be flipped up out of the way. We were not able to put them together to make a double bed. We no longer take the guarantee booking. As far as upgrades go we have never been upgraded into a differnt class. For the most part our "upgrades" have been to a different deck. We have never gone from outside to balcony or balcony to mini suite etc. I guess it happens but we have never been so lucky. I ask our latest TA about getting a rebate if the fare got reduced before the cruise since we booked a lot earlier for our next cruise. He said that the cruise lines do not give rebates but if they lower the fare they usually upgrade you to make up the differnce.