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Carnival has made a huge point that it has enabled even the smallest agency to be competitive with the "on-line, mega, giant, super sellers of cruises".

They did this because while a good number of cruises were sold by this breed shortly after 9/11 when demand shrank to almost nothing, they could not produce enough yield to provide Carnival with the necessary profitability they needed to satisfy their shareholders. Bob Dickinson (CEO of Carnival) took the position that Carnival will allow the consumer to "book where they will feel most comfortable booking" not based on the availability of preferential pricing, but on the consumer's buying preference.

Carnival's flat rate pricing policy offers the consumer the opportunity to purchase from Carnival directly, the "on-line super agencies", a Ma and Pa brick and motar retail agency, a small Home-Based agent or even a third party distribution channel and pay exactly the same price. Have you heard of this policy and how has it affected your ability to maintain your booking levels?

My opinion is that it was instituted as a way to divert revenues away from the "large super mega agencies" and onto their own site as a direct booking, but it is being marketed as a consumer benefit.