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Thinking about staying at Queen Mary Hotel - pre cruise, we know she is old but would like to see what older cruising was like.

Trip April 23 to May 3, 2010
Seattle - LA / Long Beach - Vancouver BC - Seattle

Need info and any advice for:
1. The best way and approx costs.
2. Getting from LAX to Long Beach Queen Mary Hotel April 23,2010.
3. Getting from Queen Mary Hotel to San Pedro cruise dock April 24, 2010 NCL Pearl.
4. Any comments on the Queen Mary Hotel.
5.Getting from Canada Place dock to a hotel in Vancouver BC for 1 night May 1, 2010.
6.Need a hotel in Vancouver BC close to Canada Place dock for a 1 night cruise back to Seattle May 2, 2010.

Looked at flights to Long Beach airport but limited airlines and high bag fees. Bag fees might offset shuttle fees ?

Read and post cruise reviews