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Originally posted by Sonny V:
I had a dream that I was Bruce Willis, and this Fabulous looking girl in a beautiful gown came walking into the dining room, and... Just kidding! Would be a dream I'd like to have though. I do remember dreaming about being on a cruise ship when the ocean froze over. We were all given ice skates and had to skate into the port. Those that didn't know how to skate were getting lessons in Studio "B".


I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that dream, as bizarre as it was. I rarely have celebrities show up in my dreams. I've had a couple prophetic dreams before, though, so maybe I'll run into Bruce on a future cruise? Or maybe you, Sonny?

Three or four years ago there was a huge, unforecasted storm that hit while I was on a cruise. Waves were crashing against the window in my stateroom and the ship was rocking like mad. I had never been so terrified in my life, and ever since that cruise I have had terrible anxiety dreams about cruise ship disasters. I also have anxiety dreams about showing up to embark and realizing that I've forgotten my luggage. I much prefer looking glamorous and flirting with Bruce Willis!