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Here in Italy we too are experiencing the same digital TV switching.

Some of our 20 "states" (Italy is not yet really a federal republic) have switched: e.g. the whole Sardegna (Sardinia) Island can't watch analog TV station any longer.
Since June 16th Rome and part of Lazio can watch RAI 2 (a public TV station) and RETE 4 (a private one) only as a digital TV.
Of course there's someone that missed this date and TV stores are crowded, papers say.

My TV sets are all digital ready, and today (my area hasn't switched yet) we can watch many TV stations both as analog and digital. And some of them we can watch also as a satellite TV ... that's why we have countless remote controls. The older ones are all black, the others grey ...

about warranty ... the EU laws provided some years ago (2002, I think) a two year warranty on everything you buy "brand new".
And when I say everything I mean everything: from cars to toys, from cellphones to clothes.

If you buy something as a professional, however, then the warranty is shorter: only one year.