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What a day. Traffic was murder all over the place as the locals all headed out for the weekend. We were supposed to get to our hotel at 2pm but just now got here (4pm local time). Went to Salisbury and Stonehenge and I am too beat to do anything in London right now. I may just eat in one of the hotel restaurants. They do have new iMac computers in each room with free wi-fi. That is what I am using right now. Feels just like home!

Our dinners on the ship were arranged so we didn't get to go to the other restaurants. Just Blu last night and the main dining room the first night.

I am exceedingly impressed with this class of ship. So large yet intimate at the same time. Every time I turned a corner I found something new. If you don't mind the extra fees you could spend a week on this ship and never have dinner in the same place. Get this...I decided to eat breakfast in the buffet this morning and I saw something I've never seen in a cruise ship breakfast buffet...eggs benedict. Individual servings were prepared in square bowls. And the eggs were poached perfectly - still soft. The ice cream bar is open too, for those who want ice cream with their eggs.

The gelato bar was good too.

I am locked into the Carnival cruise for next July but I am going to start looking at a cruise on either Solstice or Equinox within the next year too.