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Well thats underderstood to be nervouse, espicallt if this is your only daughter and this is your first cruise. Dont be so worried. I went on a cruise ship this past september, I am 15 I also have 3 siblings 10, 10, and 9.
My parents signed them up for camp carnival and one of the days we were there I went to go to camp carnival to get mi sister to take her out for ice cream because it was her birthday, and the camp carnival wouldnt let my take my sister unless my parents were there with their sail and sign card to prove they were the parents. During the day att Camp Carnival there is tons of things your daughter could do...My siblings came back with sand art, candy art, different kinds of finger paintings, they got to do tours of the boat, they wouldnt let them go near the edge! They got introduced to the captain of the ship when they did the tour...they got ice cream cones and went ad had lunch all togeather, it was alot of fun, and your daughter will enjoy every minuite of it!

Have fun on your vacation..!