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Originally posted by Aoumd: I'm booked just by myself, not through any organized trip, to take a cruise this fall the same week a major singles' cruise operator is doing a major singles' cruise on another ship for the same cruise line and same part of the world (albiet a different cruise length). While I'm not cruising specifically to meet other singles, I definitely wouldn't mind that. My question is: if a MAJOR organized singles' cruise is going on, does this usually have an impact on the number of singles aboard other cruise ships that week? Like, does the high concentration of singles aboard the one ship with the organized event cause a decrease in the number aboard other ships in the market? Or am I just being an obsessively over-analytical business major from college?

Thanks :-)

Dude, relax... seriously. If you are this neurotic on the ship, I don't see how you will be able to meet anyone. Your ship will have many single travellers. Every vacation (except my visits to Sandals resorts) that I have ever been on has had plenty of solo people. Calm down and focus. Everything is going to be ok.