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WE too will be in St. Maartan next March 2011 on Liberty of the Seas, and I see that we are there until 8 pm at night. I have always wanted to rent a car on St. Maarten and drive ourselves around the island but the fact that there is only one road worries me. What if there is some big accident or tie up and well (I have actually seen people miss the ship - twice now actually. We watched as the people lay down and cry while the ship pulled away). They had rented cars and come back too late. (Maybe they were stuck in traffic). I know what my husband will say, stick with the tour and let RCCL get you back safe and sound on the ship!!!). Again, to me that is the price of crusing, you gotta pay the piper to be safe!!!) Kudos to you out there who have the courage to rent a car. We are not chickens as we rent in Italy and even drive in Naples!!!!
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