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oh my yes absolutely do it on your own. Roatan is a beautiful little island. It will be great for your children to see how life is not always like it is at home. Rent a taxi for the day. should cost about 50 bucks for the family, neg the price with the man arranging the taxis at the dock. they charge per person not per ride. it will be the same to use it all day as it would a trip to the beach. Tell the driver to show you his island. Your kids will see monkeys in the wild, macaws in the wild, and tell him you want to go to the beach toward the end of your tour... the driver will wait for you no matter what you do. when you head back to the ship that is when you pay the driver the amount you neg with the man at the taxi stand. dont forget to tip your driver, we also brough him a t shirt and baseball cap from the U S to give him. He will be your personal tour guide for the day. Enjoy!!!