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We were in 6690. We looked at the map. It looks like 7, 8, and 9 look somewhat the same way, except the end outside cabin on 8 and the end outside cabin on 9 which is 9390 and 9690.However, I wouldn't know for sure unless I was in either of those cabins.They told me the view wasn't obstructed, but in fact it was for me because, I could not sit on the balcony and look straight down to the waves. That is what I especially like to do at night because the waves look beautiful against the light of the ship. That was another thing, there was no light back there so you couldn't see the water, it looked completely black.The last night I sail, or sometime during the week, we enjoy spending at least some of the evening--night sitting on the balcony looking at the lights on the shoreline and looking down to the lighted waves. We could not do this from the aft on that type of ship.Also, we cruise onece or twice a year and it is very special and expensive. Why not get the balcony we desire instead of settling for a balcony we don't want due to location? If looking down into the waves isn't important to you, then you've done the right thing. We have a side balcony cabin in a great spot on the Brillance booked for our next cruise. I am looking forward to recapture that memory.Hope this helps.