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Welcome back, eb! Sounds like an overall successful cruise. Sorry about the food and entertainment. See, if they would have been up to snuff on food, you might have gained 10lbs. instead of 6 I agree wholeheartedly about Jamaica, however, it is such a beautiful island. I wish they could get their locals to realize how much more profitable tourism could be without them being so dang pushy. Maybe they're just trying to keep people from moving there. Grand Cayman is well worth the pain of tendering, but it is a pain. We liked Paradise Beach, but enjoyed Chankanaab more. We also went to the Cozumel Beach Club, which was really nice. Telum and Xel-ha take up all your time there, and you don't get to see much of Cozumel. Get busy booking the next one, it helps ease the debarkation blues and makes work a little less painful.