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Ray- No one is attacking you as a person. Please calm down and look at all of the responses as a whole.

Are you allowed to have a "bad" cruise? - Yes! I am sure if I had to deal with a cruise without A/C I would classify it as a bad cruise too. And NO ONE on this board is affiliated with Carnival with the possible exception of a couple of crew members that pop in once and a while. The defensive comments were because we didn't want one person's bad experience to cast a dark cloud over the ship. Is Carnival dumping a bunch of money into the Holiday right now? No, probably not. I wouldn't expect them do be doing so. But they would also not go without fixing the standard maintenance type items (like the HVAC). Odds are they needed parts which they didn't have on the ship and had to wait until they got back to port to get them.

I do agree with you on the buffet food... compared to the big ships, the buffet is lacking. Not that they don't try to provide you with a variety. They just have limited buffet space to do so in.

Your comments were more like someone insulting someones pet... you are going to get defensive comments back because while the pet may be old, they still love the pet.

Please don't take them too personally. You have to realize that we get a bunch of people that log in and post 1 scathing post about a "bad" cruise (that was really only bad because of silly nit picky things) and then we never hear of them again. We end up having to jump into those discussions and correct mis-information when we see it. We may have been a bit too fast in your case.
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