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I wrote this some time ago and have made some recent revisions. We all will cruise on this ship.
The Ship Of Life

A life. in many ways, is like
Our first time on the sea
For, newly come we to the ship,
Our minds all fresh and free.

We marvel at the many decks
As we leave the shore.
The ship is full of wonders.
No man could ask for more.

And some will find the finest suites
And live with wealth and fame,
And some will search the lowest decks
For births that bear their name.

A few will dine in supper clubs
And drink of vintage wines,
But most will find much plainer fare
And stand in crowded lines.

That ship will visit many lands
With tours to fill the day,
And some may marvel at the sights
And wish that they could stay.

There on the many decks, we meet
Both family and friends.
Perhaps we find our mates for life
Until our journey ends.

But sad it is, at every port,
A few of us must stay,
While others savor robust life
To cruise another day.

There's much to do for every one
With activities glore,
To work, to play and to compete,
To strive and reach for more.

But some of us will spend our days
Just gazing at the sea,
Not thinking of what might have been
Or the person we could be.

There may be storms along our path
With winds to rip and tear,
But with the Captain on the bridge,
There will be naught to fear.

And when our cruise comes to its end
And we can sail no more,
We'll meet the Captain on the deck
To escort us to the shore.

For, when, at last, we disembark
Great joy will ease our pain,
For in another time or place,
Our ship will sail again!