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Dave I'm looking forward to you becoming an agent and hearing how you like it. It suits me to a tee. One of the best decisions I've made, although I made it very reluctantly. I answered an ad that sounded way to good to be true, you know the ones. When I came for my first interview I nearly turned around and got back in the elevator. It was a huge phone room, cubicle place that looked like an oversized Drew Carrey TV show set. Our office had around 200 agents at the time in two buildings. It was every bit as unappealing as it sounds on the surface. There was a low pay (long) training program in one of the busiest and most congested parts of Houston. Parking was a nightmare, the commute worse.

Once I got through the training and hit the phones I was amazed how quickly my days went by. I met dozens of very friendly and helpful co-workers. The best part is unlike sales gigs I'd had in the past, almost everyone I dealt with on the phone was excited. Some knew what they wanted and some needed guidance but all wanted a great cruise vacation. When i got calls after sailings the vast majority were thrilled with their experience. They were calling to say thanks and to start planning their next cruise. I found in a short time that by treating every client professionally and caring about geting them on the right cruise, I didn't ever need to prospect. For the most part I don't even have to try and answer incoming calls very often. The repeat and referral clients continue to grow. It makes me a comfortable living doing something I love and with a product I love. Now, after achieving some of my goals, they have allowed me to work from the comfort of my home. It just keeps getting better.

I'm certain you'll love being an agent. On the surface it's not what it's turned out to be in my cae, a blessing. Knowing only what I know about you from this forum, I know your clients will be well served and fortuante to have you as their agent. Welcome to the cruise industry, it'll be better for having you onboard!

Cheers, Neil