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I have been on two Royal Caribbean cruises - they were wonderful experiences and we are planning a third and a fourth. Just one minor critcism though, and this may not apply to other cruise lines. Whilst at sea I find that there is very little information regarding the ship's exact location. As an example, on our last cruise we passed close to an island which looked really nice but I had no idea what is was. I asked at guest relations and they told me (after they had contacted the bridge). There is plenty of information on board regarding entertainment, where to eat etc etc, but very little info regarding the ship's exact location. For some people just the experience of being out at sea is the highlight of the cruising experience so it is nice to know exactly where you are. With all the technology available would it not be possible to have some sort of screen somewhere on the ship which shows the route and position at sea - similar to the map that is available on the in flight entertainment on most planes these days. Anyone else agree?