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I was one of the many passengers hijacked and taken against my will around Norway etc instead of the promised cruise to Russia.
I too have been astounded at how arrogant NCL have been, but having looked at numerous websites that have been set up, clearly this is the NCL way of doing things. It seems that their motto is 'You've got the cash, now take a dash'.
Every cruise that I have been on has had some minor change due to weather (alternative ports, or even cancellations). However, NCL contend that it is ok to advertise a cruise to Russia in the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg, and then just change it with no notice, despite knowing in advance, and just not care. If you write to complain, all you can expect (6 weeks later) is a standard letter that is not addressed, signed, dated and will bear no resemblance to your letter to them.
Oh by the way, Freestyle cruising just means standing in queues a lot of the time - average of 40 minutes for every meal.
And it's not just sour grapes - I spoke to a passenger who went on the cruise to St Petersburg only last week (i.e. not the hijacked cruise that I was on) and she said the NCL was the worst cruise line she has ever been on and would not be with them again.