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Anyone out there that has a sailing coming up with Princess, be sure you visit the Captains Circle Desk onboard if you intend to sail with them again. Ask about an FCC and how their program works. They have the best program for purchasing a future cruise credit in the industry. You don't even have to select the cruise or when you want to take it to take advantage of the program. You pay $100. per person and when you book your next cruise, you don't have to put anything down as a deposit, the money you paid for the FCC becomes the only deposit needed, no matter how many days your next cruise or what the deposit amount would normally have been. Then when you book your next cruise, you'll get onboard credit of between $25. and $150. per person depending on the length of the cruise. If there is some sort of promotion available through the agency you book with for add'l OBC because they bought a group or any other reason, the credits are combinable. That means any agency credit plus the credit for your FCC. Your T/A can apply the FCC for you, you don't have to book direct to get it unless you prefer to. It's a great program and I'm discovering not many people are aware of it or the benefits.

Cheers, Neil