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I had the same question. We are taking my son and his best friend. His best friend JUST turned 18 and I know hey want to hang together- thats why we are bringing the kid. I hate to bring someone elses kid and ask him to lie and say he is 17 if asked but its not like he is 25 trying to pick up little girls.

I'd love a definitive answer on this one.

I know they are strict with the younger ones b/.c I was behind a family last time and they wanted the 9 year old in the 6-8 group or something like that b/c his sibling was there and they said no it would mess up their numbers. I suppose in the top group it wouldn't make much of an impact buut then again if its not 18 where do they cut it off and who do you let go and who don't you. Personally last time I walked in several times to look for my son and was never questioned and I never saw a "chaperone " at the door- they were there leading some contest but the door was wide open and people freely came and went.

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