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just recieved a "boarding voucher" in the mail worth $1600. It looks like a check with my name on it. The letter say " We are thrilled to advise you and your family have been identified to take part in a prestious marketing and study promotion." I get 2 free nights at a Amerihost or Remada Plaza; set sail on Carnival or Imperial Majesty Cruise line; 3 more nights at Ramada Plaza?; 7 days of transportation provided by Alamo; and if I act in 48 hours I get 4 days in Puerto Vallarta and 4 days in Vegas. It sounds like I really hit the jackpot on this one. After writing this it is going into the shredder. I don't need this kind of aggrevation. It does not mention the air fare or how many boiler rooms you will be in while they try to sell some kind of time share.