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Hi NJK, welcome to Cruise-Chat! So sorry to hear about your foot, what a tragedy. I don't know that a wheelchair would put you on any lists. A friend of mine went on a cruise with her electric wheelchair and went on excursions. She did have to let the cruise line know that she was confined to her chair, though. Since you're not actually going to be confied, I don't think that would cause many problems. There is a library on board, also a video arcade, then there will be games by the pool or in the lounges. They might have a bridge tournament or maybe some card games on board. There should be some cooking demonstrations, ice carving, and other activities that wouldn't require a lot of walking, once you're there. There's always bingo The newly wed games or the how well you know your partner games are usually funny, too. They normally have a movie channel on the tv. I think you'll find lots of things to take a break from reading.

Can't help you on your excursion, as I've not taken that one, sorry. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise! Sure hope you'll get used to your walking boot soon.