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MCPayne..YES that is what I was refering to..could not remember exactly how it was worded..The way I read that is we can put $500 on "account" when we board (that in min. amount we can put on account), That amount can be used for whole 7 night cruise..MOST likely we may go over that amount. Then once we hit $500 OR get fairly close they will call us to put more $$ in account.
So lets say on day 3 we are around $450(rough dollar amount) they will call us and ask us to put more $$ in account. Am I correct?

Dave..I agree with you..Is better to do it that way..Safer and more secure. (Now that I think about it)..I just feel bad if my husband puts everything on his card.
I just wish there was a way I could prepay for a spa treatment..But I guess thats how they make $$$ spare of the moment purchases

Thanks all

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