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Can you get cruise insurance if you know you have a pre existing condition? I imagine so but I know you cannot get normal insurance if you do. baby Doll, I assume the cruise has passed. Did you ever think to try to sell it? You might of had to sell it for less but a little money back would have been better than no money back. You can usually change names up to about 2 days before sailing. There is always someone looking for a cruise deal. Just tell yourself that your health is much more important than the money lost for a cruise.
SanDee, That is excellent advice for future circumstances. I've sold a cruise once when in penalty as a last resort. The pre-existing condition insurance is another good idea. It can't help baby doll at this point, but it may help future cruisers.

I also agree with drlivingston about baby doll trying to talk with someone else. I know people, including myself that have had at least partial deposits credited for future cruises in the past.