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Costa Cruises, Costa Allegra - well where do i start?
Firstly when we got to our room (box)I have been married for 23 years and still like to cuddle up to my wife not sleep in single bed so i made my 1st visit to customer services and requsted a double room to be told the ship was full,so i asked for the beds to be put together only to be told this could not be done but after speaking to the english rep 3 days later the beds were put together and the table which was in betweeen the bed left in front making the room even smaller, back to the desk, Please can you put the cabinet by the side of the beds(sorry sir we can not move it) so me and the wife did it ourself and re-connected the electrics, back to the first day time to have a drink 5 for a bottle of becks oh well if that the price so be it(1st drink bill 15% sevice carged added) thats now 5.75 for a bottle. back to room for a clean up, turn tap on (omg)the water was BROWN wife in shower getting dirtier with brown water coming out of the shower, water stops, oh well back to service desk, GOOD NEWS wife looks at the today paper theres a happy hour in the bar buy one ger one free, the bar packed order drinks 15 mins later we get drinks.ok by now you get the picture but let me list below why you sould not do this cruise
1. the ship is smelly
2. the rooms are to small
3. the entaintment is so bad at night the day entaintment well if you have the brains of a donkey then you`d enjoy it
4.well i like a good drink and when i got home i had one the prices are as stated 5 plus a bottle 2.50 a soft drink 7.50 a spirit and dont forget the service charge
5 food very poor Brekfast the same ever day White bangers runny scrambled eggs. runny cornbeef hash and allways cold, food not alivable all the time like other cruses,(if you like cakes fruit and bread then this is the cruise for you)
The trips well over priced and you will be told by the rep you need to do the trips with them because you will not be able to do them yourself for an ex-sample we spoke to a couple we saw on a day out they paid 75 euros each for a trip to a beach a river trip me and the wife did the same trip only we had longer and it cost us around 25 for the both of us.
And in ending here comes the best bit , My final bill arrives and not only do i see the 15% sevice charge added to all my drinks there the final straw 5 euros per day per person for what they call Hotel service charge that a total cost of 140 euros added to your bill and this was not advised by virgin.(letter on the way to them)
I hope you read this b4 you book but if not and your on you way
1. Use happy hour and get you bootle un-opened and keep them for the day time
2. eat when you get of the ship
3 dont book trips with them it easy to get around and you save money to have a drink or 2 day time.or pay for the HOTEL