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I agree as have sailed out of this port many times. I have been able to get through all the check-in and actually be on the ship and eating lunch by 1pm. They have a great lunch, and on Glory last year they had fresh roasted whole turkeys right out of the oven and slicing them to your preference! You can get a table on Lido beside the windows and watch all the Buses and People comming to check in. As far as Soda I don't know, I drink only caffiene free diet and usually take 6 in my checked luggage as I drive there and no problem for weight. I would think if is reasonable there would not be a problem, But I have never went through check in and the scanner thing with more than 2 bottles in my back-pack.

It is a whole different world now than my first cruise on the T.S.Carnivale from Port Canaveral.

Back then the check in let my cruise partner slide because he forgot his birth certificate, and then the screener scolded him for having an opened half big bottle of vodka..Her exact words know you can't bring this, but We will pretend we didn't see it..Have a Wonderful Cruise! I sure miss those days!