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I am so disappointed. I have talked to Carnival 4 times about booking the Dolphin Swim in Cabo. Each time they assured me that it would be available and would be posted on thier websight to book soon. Today I was told by an extremely rude customer service rep from Carnival that he didn't know why I was told it would be available but it would not. He basically said too with it. I was going to book this for my daughter for her birthday. She has wanted to swim with the dophins for years. She is graduating from college this year and this is probably my last chance to give her this gift before she moves out and moves on with her life. I have spoke to Carnival probably 6 or 7 times about this trip and I cannot believe how rude most of their agents are. This is my last Carnival cruise. I am sticking with Royal Caribbean for now on. I have never had a bad cruise or a rude agent with them. Anyway, does anyone know how to book this excursion outside of Carnival?