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Sandy, you and Dave are spot on. This is getting out of control, in my opinion. On Princess, they have 2 extra fee dining options, then they have the International Cafe (on some ships) with some free and some charge items. On Costa, I didn't see any extra charge venues, but there could have been. Carnival doesn't have many extra charge venues. I haven't been on HAL in a while, so I'm not sure. Celebrity has a few, NCL has a lot. I know they're trying for extra revenue, but it is so expensive to even sail on a new ship. If they're having trouble filling the Oasis, they need to take a closer look at why.

I still love cruising, and still think it is a great value. However, if you're not close to a port, then you have to add in air fare and hotel plus baggage fees. It starts to add up very quickly. If you want to take a couple of excursions, then that's extra, too. Seaborn's prices are beginning to look really good.