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Hello renegade 10005, and welcome from me also;

my wife and I and our youngest son (25) and my mother (92) spent 10 days on Veendam last summer and we all loved it, and we represent three generations of cruisers. We had not a single equipment failure, at least not of which we were aware.

Veendam dosen't have any moderately priced balconies (they jusmp from Oceanview to Verandah Suite) so we booked Oceanview cabins on A Deack, all the way aft, to be close to the elevators so mom wouldn't have to walk so much. I though engine noise or vibration might be a trade-off for taking this location: but it was not a problem at all. Interesting thing is, the more expensive cabins are midship but the elevators and stairs are forward and aft--no elevators midship.

I must echo LisaP's suggestion that you get a cruise specialist to help you with this. There are many variables and you should have someone work out the details with you.

But I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Veendam to you; it's a wonderful medium size ship.