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When my husband wanted to go on a cruise, I was very leary of seasickness. We had some rough water and I never experienced any problems. On our second cruise, we had smooth sailing and I was sick within two hours after we set sail. I put on a patch that is applied behind your ear. All went well. Then I experienced decreased vision! My husband had to read the menu for me! It wasn't until I read the side effects the next day that I discovered OCCASIONALLY decreased vision occurs. I took the patch off--by the next day I was sick. The people in the gift shop told me that most employees that experience sickness us the wrist I tried them. Total relief. So they are now part of my regular cruise wear. I even have two bangle bracelets that I wear over them for formal nights.
I don't know what caused my seasickness. The only thing I can think of is that our first cruise was preceeded by a flight and then three days inland the second cruise was a flight and then directly to the ship. Maybe this had something to do with it. Hope this helps you. Sandie