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Hi, Lisa,

It probably wasn't just you calling it 'a loop'. No worry. If you start the walk on one side of the street and return on the other side, you will make it a circle. Is my theory correct?

Your suggestion sound great. The information re: 2-hour is very helpful. We may not have the energy nor time to walk the entire trail so it becomes important for us to pick the starting point and the point of turn-around. Can I ask a few more questions?

1. We are more interested in architectures (interior and exterior) and just some in history. With that, what about other placed marked in red on the map should we visit?

2. How long will it take to walk between USS Constitution and Union Oyster House? Will taxi take us for such a short distance? (If some of us are too tire to walk. )

3. How much will it cost for a taxi to go between the pier and Faneiul Hall?

4. Is the Boston Duck Tour something worth considering?

Lisa - It is so nice of you to answer so many people's question with great details. To me, you are like a database when it comes to travel advises. I cannot say enough thanks, but again....Thank you.
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