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Thank you for the e-mail regarding your ms ROTTERDAM cruise on 04/13/2003. We truly appreciate the valuable feedback you have provided us.

First and foremost, please allow us to extend to you our most sincere apologies for the frustration and disappointment you experienced with our Shore Excursion staff onboard your recent cruise. We can assure you that your experience is the exception, rather than the rule, within our operation. Our staff is trained to always be courteous, respectful, efficient, and responsive at all times, and again, we regret that your experience was otherwise. Please know that your comments regarding your experience have been forwarded to the appropriate senior management for their information and benefit.

On behalf of Holland America Line, we apologize if there may have been some confusion as to what was all involved in the new Panama Railroad tour. As stated on the new information sheet, this tour was not the tour that we were previously offering. In review of the circumstances surrounding your e-mail, we have been in contact with the
ms ROTTERDAM, and have been advised that the tour did operate as it was explained in the information sheet that you received. While we understand that you personally were not satisfied with the tour, the majority of guests had given positive feedback on this tour.

Please know that independent vendors from ashore operate all of the shore excursions. When offering these tours to our valued guests, we are acting as your agent by selling them to you. All the monies received in respect to these tours are paid to the vendors directly. Again, we truly regret the frustration this caused and trust that you were able to enjoy the many positive aspects of your cruise experience.

Thank you again for taking the time to provide us with your comments. We look forward to serving you again in the very near future.

Very truly yours,

Amanda Fritz
Special Advisor
Office of the Chairman