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Originally posted by smileygirll:

Yes, we purchased our cruise and airfare through a travel agent.

I tried to sign up for the Crown and Anchor club online this morning, but it said I had to wait two weeks until after my cruise to sign up.

Eagerly awaiting to set sail, Smileygirll!

Did your travel agent use RCCL's package for airfare?? He or she could have arranged airfare withour RCCL's package because it's a little more money.

Signing-up, or enrolling, can be done on the ship. It takes a couple of weeks before your cruise credit is processed. You DON'T have to wait two weeks before you sign-up. It's no big deal. You can't use any perks until your next cruise anyhow. It's fun climbing up the C&A status ladder, for every cruise credit you have to take a cruise. How much fun is that?