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I have a slightly different take on the TA question. We generally book about 70 - 80 days of cruises per year (4 or 5 longer cruises) and over the years have been on 11 cruise lines and more than 50 different ships to 6 continents. We have developed a "short list" of 4 TAs (my list does change depending on new info) who are all larger cruise agencies. We buy our cruises simply based on price! For us, we have found the service to be pretty uniform across the industry and our TAs are essentially order takers (we tell them which cruise, which cabin or category and they book). We always compare the prices of several of our TAs against the cruise line sites (the cruise line sites are always higher) and will often save over a $1000 per cruise by shopping. When we are on cruises we often meet other frequent cruisers and we share "note" about the best TAs. We currently have 4 cruises under booking for the next 8 months (71 days) and they are booked through 3 different TAs. The other important thing is to continuously monitor prices after you book as this can sometimes save you lots of money if there are price decreases. Of our 4 current cruises, 2 of them have been rebooked multiple times (a RCI cruise and a Azamara cruise).