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We got back from Fantasy on the 26th. Had a great time. Although think will try for another cruise line next time. We aren't really "Las Vegas" people. Really no complaints about anything. Had good food (TOOOOO Much), room nice and tidy (no smells). If there was anything, it would be having to climb the stairs because the elevators were so slow, but we needed the exercise anyway! I also thought all the bare-bottomed women in the show was a little much for a "family hour" show. Paul the cruise director was great and funny. We're ready to go again, already started a cruise savings!! Thanks to everyone for the great hints. The over the door shoe hanger is the best invention since sliced bread! I even used it in the hotel after the cruise. I will never travel without one again. Also, picked up my free deck of cards from the pursers desk and more postcards (although I never found the time to write them!!). P.S. I tried going out the "secret door" beside the stage, it was locked and the lady told me it was crew only.