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We sailed the Sun Princess to Alaska in August, 2001. We didn't have a mini-suite, but a balcony on the Port side. I have to agree with the previous posts, that you can't see where you're going in the Aft, so we prefer regular balconies on either POrt or Starboard, depending on the itinerary. We have also sailed 2 sister ships, Ocean in Inaugural Season, and Dawn. Will be doing another Dawn cruise end of November. There's 1 thing I can vouch for with the Dawn, and that it really holds up very well to high seas. We hit a terrible storm in the Gulf of Alaska, as I was so happy to be on that ship instead a lot of the others I've been on. Have you tried the Princess website, You can go in and get most pictures first hand of the way the staterooms look. Website can be a little slow at times, but one of the best I've run accross. Also, you can book your shore excursions, and do all your paperwork long before you even leave. Getting the paperwork done in advance will get you through the check in process much faster.
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