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I love ALL cruise ships but I must admit, the Inspiration has a couple of ares where it is probably the ugliest designs I have ever seen.. LOL. The Brasserie Restaurant (on Lido) looks like a Bat Cave with purple tubing with yellow spiderweb looking rounded ends.. (Go to the Inspiration section of the Carnival site and take their Virtual Tour of the place and see for yourself) If you like Rueben Sandwiches, there's a deli in the brasserie with the BEST I've ever had. There is a dance bar called Avant-Garde that had a Live band, and these guys ROCKED! They played nothing but the very best Oldies from the 70's and 80's, just like the original record! I've been in Top 40 radio for 27 years and believe me I know.. LOL.. Next door is the Dance Club for younger folks, it was great too.. I like sleeping in, doing afternoon excursions and late dinner.. Wait until the last night before buying anything in the shopping mall onboard. They have half-price sales on just about everything.. I ALWAYS get a cabin on Empress deck where you can do "Self Assist" leaving the ship after the cruise (That's the deck you exit on). At about 7:45am you just walk right off.. I live in Tampa and last cruise I was home by 8:45am (No Lie) All in all you'll have a great time on the Inspiration.. I could cruise every weekend and I'm looking forward to my Oct 6th get-a-way!

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