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1. Age 68
2. *** - female
3. Marital status - married
4. this site: every couple of days
other site(s) - daily
5. Yes, I am a cruise addict. I became
one my first full day at sea, my first cruise
6. Defining cruise addiction: want to cruise
at least every few months and think about
cruising all the time
7. cruises taken in the past year - 4
last three years - 6
8. visiting cruise chat sites; checking daily for bargains;
subscribing to loads of free cruisenews-
9. Yes, interest in humor book about cruising
10. book cruises through TA, but going to
consider internet when special prices
11. I bring reading material along, and also
use ship library, so no purchase of
reading material on board.
12. Do not read cruise blogs often at all.
13. prefer internet for obtaining cruise info.
14. Keep occupied planning the next cruise!
also read, enjoy leisure activites and