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Thank you. We have taken a few other cruises previously but without the kids. The last one was a 7 day on Jewel of the Seas in the Carribean. Any idea how the food compares (RCCL to Holland)? We aren't picky eaters, but we found the food on RCCL to be a bit too cafeteria. Our cruise is broken down into 2 12 day options, so we were debating taking a 12 day instead of the 24 day. Our problem is that the 12 day option we want does not have any quad rooms available except in the most expensive suites. We found a similar itinerary on Seabourne but they have no children's program. We are traveling for 10 weeks total, so we would like (i.e. need) to spend a few nights out without the kids. 24 days in 250 square should make for some great stories. Thanks again