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Leider habe ich keine Fotos des beschädigten Schiffes im Internet gefunden, aber:

"QE2 encountered Hurricane Luis on a Westbound Atlantic crossing and got hit by a 95 foot wave. This resulted in QE2 arriving in New York late and having to stay a day for repairs. Captain Warwick issued a certificate to all passengers and crew."


<<Rogue wave smashes the queen elizabeth ii
September 11, 1995. North Atlantic. Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II enroute from Cherbourg to New York.

During this crossing of the Atlantic, the Queen Elizabeth II had to change course to avoid Hurricane Luis. Despite this precaution, the vessel encountered seas of 18 meters with occasional higher crests. At 0400 the Grand Lounge windows, 22 meters above the water, stove in. But this was only a precursor.

"At 0410 the rogue wave was sighted right ahead, looming out of the darkness from 220°, it looked as though the ship was heading straight for the white cliffs of Dover. The wave seemed to take ages to arrive but it was probably less than a minute before it broke with tremendous force over the bow. An incredible shudder went through the ship, followed a few minutes later by two smaller shudders. There seemed to be two waves in succession as the ship fell into the 'hole' behind the first one. The second wave of 28-29 m (period 13 seconds), whilst breaking, crashed over the foredeck, carrying away the forward whistle mast.


"Captain Warwick admits that sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the height of a wave, but in this case the crest was more or less level with the line of sight for those on the bridge, about 29 m above the surface; additionally, the officers on the bridge confirmed that it was definitely not a swell wave. The presence of extreme waves was also recorded by Canadian weather buoys moored in the area, and the maximum measured height from buoy 44141 was 30 m (98 feet.)"
The Queen Elizabeth II survived the onslaught with minor damage; no passengers or crew members were injured.

(Warwick, R.W., et al; "Hurricane 'Luis', the Queen Elizabeth 2 and a Rogue Wave," Marine Observer, 66:134, 1996)>>

Auch wenn der äußerliche Schaden nicht so arg schlimm war, die Bewegungen des Schiffes und das "innere" Chaos (sowohl sächlich als auch emotional) für Passagiere und Mannschaft muss enorm gewesen sein. Einen Eindruck gibt ein Bericht über einen Sturm mit "75 feet wave" im Winter 1998 unter:

Ich für meinen Teil muss eine solche Erfahrung nicht unbedingt haben.

Im übrigen scheint ja das Datum 9/11 ein sehr bedeutsames zu sein. Vielleicht waren es nach 11.09.1973 Putsch gegen Allende in Argentinien und 11.09.2000 Flugzeuge gegen WTC und "Das Land der Freien" ja im Falle 11.09.1995 Freak Wave gegen QE2, ja auch irgendwelche Terroristen die diesen heimtückischen Anschlag auf ihrer Majestät königliches Schiff verübten.

Viele Grüße