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That part I can deal with, but he starts flexing those claws on my stomach!!
I call that "making biscuits". It means they are happy. I had Sampson's front claws removed when he was a kitten. I knew I wouldn't have any furniture left unscathed if I didn't. Of course I don't let him outside without having any claws to defend himself. He doesn't even try to go outside when the door is open as he has always been an indoor cat.

Finlander - It is almost the same with my cat if he is mad, except he turns his back to me and sits and won't respond when I say something to him. I say are you having another "sit in" and he'll look over his shoulder with a look that could kill.

They are the strangest creatures and they all have different personalities it seems. If they think something is wrong with you they are the first to notice.
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