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Thank you for the warm welcome, Rick.

As far as information about myself. I'm in healthcare and have been for most of my working career. Vacations have usually been devoted to visiting relatives. Now I'm seeking to spread my wings, seek adventure and unashamedly reward myself. Perhaps the death of a sibling last year caused me to become more self reflective and decided to look up from the old grindstone and as stated by Auntie Mame, "Live, live, live. Life is a smorgasbord and most poor suckers are starving. " (or something like that)

As mentioned, I'm new to cruising and have been kicking myself hard for waiting so long. Such is the advise I offer to anyone who ask.

When visiting Hawaii I would like to experience underwater in one of Atlantis Submarine tours, fly over a volcano in a helicopter, visit Pearl Harbor, walk on a beach, and feast at a Luau.

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