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cantw & Island,

Isle, I don't think we would like the Holiday because of the lack of balconies, I know they have a few suites but thats not my cup of tea. If you want a ship that size I would sail on Holland's Maasdam or one its sister ships or the MSC Lirica. We are seasoned cruisers (20+) and are spoiled, I will not cruise unless I have a balcony, a suite is adding a price we don't need or want at this time, but if we get upgraded we would not refuse it. I realize there are certain iteneraries you may want to visit that don't have all the options, like larger ships can't get into certain ports we would like to enjoy, then we would take a ocean view cabin. All in all Carnival is great and we have never had a bad cruise on it or any line, some are better than others, any cruise to me is a good cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cantw, I posted a Cruise Review on the Miracle May 12, I'm supprised its not up yet. When I post a review I try to do it shortly after getting home so as not to forget some details. As for the size of the ship to us it is just right. We have been on the Carnival Triumph, had a great cruise to Western Carib, but to us the ship is too big. We really enjoy the Spirit Class Ships. Sailed The Spirit from Hawaii to Vancouver in 05, had a great time, if you enjoy sea time this is a great cruise. We have also sailed on the Princess Island and Coral which are basically the same size ships and are booked this year on Holland's Westerdam. I'm not saying we won't go on a larger ship we just prefer a bit smaller. True larger ships generally have a bit more entertainment, though I'm saying its better better.

Now to the meat of your post. I think the Miracle is a great ship, design wise, iteneries, personel, food & entertainment. On embarkation we had a slight delay but you have to know it was its first trip from NYC this season. The delay was not that bad but to listen to some people you would think the world was coming to the end. You have to remember any cruise you take is as good as you want it to be or make it, some people are never happy. I agree sometimes the crews are at fault but in most cases its beyond their control. Carnival was great. The first couple of days were a bit chilly but after that the weather was fine. Tough when you leave fronn NYC in May, could be 50 or 90, tis the chance you take. I believe you will be sailing from Ft Lauderdale so this shouldn't be a problem. The ship is beautiful and very stable. We had some rough seas the first night, our room was on the 7th deck, no problem. We had one of the best room stewards ever. He was great, just like in the adds, he seemed to know your every wish and the towel animals he made were second to none, things we have never seen or expected. Food was excellent and our waiter and bus buy were also great. This just seemed to be one of those vacations that came together and almost everything was perfect. As for the disco, yes it is on two floors, we did go there to see it, wasn't our type of music. I thought it was very unique, true you might have to be a bit careful and remember you are at sea which could be rough, and watch what you drink. I thought the stairs were well marked???? I don't know your itenerary but that was one of the main reasons we took this cruise. We are from upstate NY but have never cruised from the city. We found out its a great way to go , the biggest plus not having to fly. Problem is during the winter months we still have to fly to get away from the cold weather.

I know I got a bit long here, as you can tell we had a great cruise on the Miracle and would not hesitate to sail aboard her again. Just a note to me and some other passengers I spoke to the crew seemed to be a bit more freindly and happy with their jobs. They were always smiling and speaking. Hope you have a great cruise as well and check the cruise review once in while. Don't know why it has taken this long.